A high-quality railing adds both cosmetic appeal and safety to your property. Railings are appropriate for residential and commercial use; they are a popular addition to walkways, stairs, ramps, and decks. At Source Awnings, we have over 25 years of experience with awnings, railing, gates, and more to offer you the customized solutions you want. We are proud to manufacture and install railing in Miami to ensure you get the right product and the best installation service for your investment.




Railings are used to provide added safety on stairs by offering a stable handhold for individuals while moving up or down. A stair railing also provides a visual frame for stairs to improve their look, particularly when using glass railing or other ornamental options.


A railing can help to define interior and exterior walkways, whether you want to keep individuals away from landscaped areas or enclose a high-level area to prevent falls. Walkway railings also provide additional stability for those who may need it.


All balconies require railing for safety purposes. Not only will a sturdy railing prevent accidental falls, the use of an ornamental design can improve the visual aesthetics of this architectural feature as well. Glass railing is an excellent way to provide safety while creating a more open feel in these spaces.


Railing is also used to enclose deck areas for added safety and aesthetics. A deck railing may also be used to provide an additional horizontal surface for decorations or plants.


• Glass

• Aluminum

• Ornamental

• Iron


Signs You May Need New Railing

Because railing provides safety as well as aesthetics, it’s important to know the signs that your current railing needs replacement. At Source Awnings, we are here to help with every step of railing design, manufacture, and installation, including helping you evaluates house railing ideas near Miami.

• Loose or missing posts and rails can compromise your railing’s structural integrity, affecting its ability to provide fall protection.

• The materials of your railing should be in good shape—while repainting or retouching can address cosmetic issues, rusty or deteriorating materials should be replaced to restore the original look and function of the railing.

• Balcony and stairway railings need to meet safety requirements. If your railing is not up to current building codes, it should be replaced immediately.

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